Flooring Services

Service Details:

Our Service Technicians uses a variety of materials , such as carpet, wood, tiles, and manufactured wood – to install new floors in residential homes and businesses. Our service experts helps to upgrade the look and feel of these establishments, according to our client’s agreed-upon plans. Physically fit people who have an eye for detail and enjoy manual labor thrive as flooring installers.



  • Apply Detail orientated skills

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Prior to installing a new floor, our service experts prepare the floor’s surface for installation or repair. Sometimes previous flooring material needs to be removed. Our service experts sweep, scrape, sand, and chip away debris and irregularities from the floor’s base surface. In order to create a clean and level surface, they may fill cracks in with putty or cement.
  • Our service experts estimate, measure, and cut floor materials to match agreed-upon blueprints and sketches. They mix any needed adhesives to be applied evenly to the new floor. For example, our service experts often mix grout, which is necessary to install tile.
  • Many times, our service experts are required to create floor layouts, center lines, and borders with chalk and other dividers. They then lay on cement according to these guidelines to ensure that materials remain straight and that all patterns and edges match designs perfectly.
  • Our service experts installs carpet, linoleum, laminate, hardwood, and tile floors. In addition, flooring installers apply blocks, strips, shock absorbers, and decorative elements.
  • Once all materials are applied correctly, our service experts ensure there are no bubbles or errors in the installation. using rolls to finish the floor, smooth it, and securely push cement into the floor base and covering. Our service experts apply finishes and refinishes with sanders, sealers, varnishes, and floor waxes.


Expert handyman


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